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Maine Artist Derek Drinon.


About Derek Drinon

My Background


Derek Drinon was born in Holden Mass in 1964.Derek Vacationed in Maine with his family.As a child Derek always enjoyed drawing and paintings well as studying the works of other artist,particularly Maine artist.As a teenager Derek became interested in photography.Inspired by his farther who was always taking  photographs.

My Medium


I use a few different mediums,oils,charcoal and conte crayon,watercolors and gouache.these are the mediums that I enjoy working with.I also work in the studio from my photographs. artist maine art

My Inspiration

Finding inspiration on the coast of Maine.Derek has made his home in Kennebunkport Maine.

Finding inspiration on the coast of Maine Derek studied printmaking,graphic design and photography at Portland School of Art,now MECA.Dereks career has taken him on a journey through various vocations in the arts.Print,film,photography and now painting.These are some of the media Derek has worked in.

My Blog